[Press Release] Galax Fire Gets Grant For Air Compressor

Galax Volunteer Fire Department is thrilled to announce a $45,455 grant award from the Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters Grant program for a new air compressor. Their current air compressor is 37 years old, decades beyond its service life, and takes triple the time to fill air bottles (self‐contained breathing apparatus or SCBAs) to get them back in service.

In 2012, the fire department was awarded a grant for SCBAs and replaced the old low‐pressure cylinders to high‐pressure cylinders capable of holding 4500 psi, in keeping with regional demands. The current air compressor can fill only to 3000 lbs.

The City of Galax is committed to supporting the Galax Volunteer Fire Department. Through the efforts of the City since 2011, Galax Volunteer Fire Department has been the recipient of grant awards for turn‐ out gear and SCBAs, smart board and technology equipment, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, monies used towards trucks and vehicles, including a new Tahoe first response vehicle.

The City of Galax is pleased to assist the volunteers of the fire department to better and more effectively fight fires with these grant awards. Since 2011, the City of Galax has aggressively pursued grants for various projects and have been successful in grant awards totaling over $10.8 million dollars. Grant funds have been used for building new infrastructure, new programs, staffing, equipment, and training.