Small Business Development Center has recovery web pages

Greetings – as Virginia businesses and communities look forward to safely reopen, the Virginia SBDC network, and your local SBDC, have developed the Business Recovery webpage to help owners carefully plan for and execute their businesses’  new strategy.


These detailed guidelines cover a broad range of critical considerations.  While business owners can use them by themselves, they were designed to ideally be used in collaboration with an expert business consultant in your local SBDC.


Reopening a business under current circumstances requires owners to make a careful analysis of the current situation, their capabilities, and goals.  They must recognize how the market and customer has changed- the same applies to businesses that were able to continue operations.  Additionally, businesses will need to calculate the new operating costs they’ll incur with additional safety measures. It might also necessitate owners to re-imagine their business concept.


The Virginia SBDC’s consultations have a solid track record of helping business owners through such considerations.  SBDCs also have contacts in the local area that can help businesses make opportune connections.


Please share the Business Recovery resources with your businesses as your communities prepare to safely reopen in the coming weeks and months.